Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Vladmir Guerrero Deal

As most of you knowAs most of you know, the Orioles and Vladmir Guerrero have come to terms on a one yearhave come to terms on a one year, $8 million dollar deal. Of course, everything will be officialeverything will be official once a physical is donephysical is done and Guerrero passes it.

Poking around Twitter last night, it seems many lovemany love the move for the sluggerthe slugger – meanwhile, some fans,some fans, especially fellow bloggers were indifferentwere indifferent and didn’t caredidn’t care for the Guerrero deal.Guerrero deal. A few flat out hated it allhated it all together.

As a fan, I’d really like Guerrero on the Orioles. I do think he could still hit a ton and he’d be a fearsome force in Baltimore’s lineup. Assuming Vladmir has not fallen off a cliff or has not lost his bat, it’s a plus for the Orioles (for now).

While I think the Orioles paid well above sticker price for himabove sticker price for him, they finally got a key bat they wanted.

Although Guerrero faded in the second half of last season, if he had the same numbers with the Orioles than he did in Texas, the slugger is easily the best bat in the lineup.

Until I see otherwise, we should assume that Guerrero is still a feared presence and it’s a good thing – for now – that he’s part of the black and orange.

One could also say that Baltimore perhaps has one of the better lineups in baseball – that is, if everyone stays healthy and Lee, Reynolds, Hardy and Guerrero can somehow come close to their peaks at the plate again.

The addition of Guerrero may be certainly good from a fan’s standpoint and in theory; however, in reality – maybe not.

Even with the newest additions, the Orioles aren’t close to contending, but perhaps a very good fourth or last place team. They may have an outside chance at third place, but a lot of things would really have to go right.

Now would it be worth putting Luke Scott in left field on a regular basis, or taking bats away from two younger players – Nolan Reimold and Felix Pie?

Right now, you can’t lose Luke’s bat, so he’s the left fielderleft fielder; meanwhile, Pie would have to be the fourth outfielder and Remiold may stay on the team, or get time in the minors. Furthermore, the money that was used on the Guerrero contract could have perhaps been put to better use.

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