Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fan Fest, Duchscherer, Hendrickson and Moves

I was going to spend some time this morning and work on entry for yesterday's Fan Fest; however, James more than covered the event’s writeup yesterday. According to the Orioles and various media reports, well over 10,000 fans attended this year's edition of FanFest.

I'll say the venue this year was extremely crowded and there seemed to be a very upbeat mood throughout the day. In fact, at the start of the 'State of the Orioles' for season ticket holders, manager Buck Showalter was given a standing ovation by fans.

Fans were happy to see current and former Orioles on Saturday. I was anxious to hear the welcome that Luke Scott was going to receive and people didn't hold anything against him for his Obama remarks during the Winter Meetings, especially in such a politically liberal state like Maryland. I guess as long as athletes hit homers and entertain us, we'll cut them some slack.

The forums seemed to be very well attended and you could not find a seat at all for anything -- well, at least until the very end.

Of course, the big subject on everyone's mind was the potential of seeing Vladmir Guerrero in a Baltimore uniform. For some reason, I do see the Orioles getting him to bolster their lineup and perhaps increase buzz. Although our fellow bloggers and split down the middle of acquiring him, it seems that most fans do want him as an Oriole.

While I had some reservations about the new autograph policy - as many did - once I thought about it and saw the lines, the whole process was efficient and very well run. It's far better to have things controlled and have everyone who paid for autograph get it than a free-for-fall where kids and fans compete with dealers in a long arse line.

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