Friday, February 25, 2011

The Orioles Early Schedule and Miguel Cabrera

In a little more than five weeks, baseball officially starts it's season and Buster Olney in his blog pondered about the early schedule of teams in the American League.

As for Orioles -- according to Olney -- things are tough from the onset. Again.

Here's what he had to say briefly:

"The Orioles' first 12 games of the season are against contenders -- the Rays, the Tigers, the Rangers and the Yankees. Then, after a series against the Indians, Baltimore has a 10-game homestand against the Twins, Yankees and Red Sox. We'll know a lot about the Orioles early."

Last year, the Orioles got roughed up early thanks to bullpen implosions, a lack of offense and pitching that sputtered. The result: a 2-16 record that the team could not dig themselves and nearly led to a death march until Buck Showalter came aboard.

How do the Orioles avoid another herrendous start?

Simple. Do what they did from August on.

The starting pitching must keep the Orioles in the game and the young arms need to step up. Furthermore, with a retooled bullpen, hopefully they can keep leads; plus, a rebuilt offense has to deliver and the gaffes that killed the Orioles at the plate and on the field need to be curtailed.

If that is possible, then the first month for the Orioles will be interesting to watch.

Also, Frank Robinson spoke to the team yesterday in camp. I'm sure he spoke about the good old days and what it meant to be a player, plus probably spoke about how talented the Orioles are and how they can compete, etc.

Boy, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Robinson spoke yesterday. Then again, I would have probably been swatted away as well.

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