Friday, April 8, 2011

The Buck Effect

Thanks to the hot start by the Baltimore Orioles, they have received a considerable amount of attention on the national stage. Of course, they will keep continuing to get it -- if they win.

However, if they start losing or begin to resemble a squad that is reminsicent of the past 13 years, then obviously one outside the Mid-Atlantic region will care.

That being said, most of the pundits out there are not only noticing the the Orioles' improved pitching, defense and clutch hitting, but they are giving much of the credit to one man.Buck Showalter.

It’s safe to say right now that Buck Showalter is the public and yes, marketing face for the Orioles. He been seen in commericals for MASN, his mug is all over Baltimore, whether it's outside the warehouse or on a billboard; moreover, he probably got the loudest cheers of anyone during Opening Day.

He calls out his rivals in the media and the Oriole fans love it.

We all know his track record with the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers. He made them into winners, although he never managed in a World Series with any of them. However, both New York and Arizona won a championship not too long after he left them.

Now, he's trying to do the same thing for the Orioles.

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