Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Night: Buzz in the City

The Orioles got the season off to a great start last night with a dominate pitching performance from on Jeremy Guthrie. Guts pitched eight, three hit no run innings. Striking out six and only walking one Guthrie allowed two baserunners only one in his game. Jim Johnson gave everyone a minor heart attack with giving up a solo homerun to Ben Zobrist to lead off the bottom of the ninth, but he quickly retired the next three batters with no drama.

I am not here to write a generic game recap though. Anthony already did a fine job. Rather I am here to make a comment on the fandom I witnessed last night. And, ladies and gentlemen, the state of the fandom is strong. Perhaps it was just one bar in one neighborhood but as the game wore on the crowd grew larger and larger. The speckling of orange and black soon became a small sea and the crowd cheered with every Tampa out and every Oriole hit.

Vlad Guerrero's first Oriole hit of 2011 was greeted with a round of cheers. Nick Markakis' first RBI bringing in JJ Hardy, after his double, brought a minor roar from the crowd. The bar exploded with cheers and elevated hand-slaps as Brian Roberts roped a triple into left center field. Cheers followed by laughter as old nemesis Johnny Damon misplayed the ball.

It was a great night.

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