Sunday, April 17, 2011

Orioles lose again, streak hits seven

It just makes you sick. Its like this team doesn't want any fans. For the second year in a row the Orioles start a season with a lot of optimism and buzz. But at least last year the Orioles had the courtesy to not get our hopes up even further with a 6-1 start. A seven game losing streak, I just can't believe it happened. Or happening rather. If you had come to me in March and said that the Orioles would be 6-8 after their first 14 games i would have taken it - but crap this is just a punch to the gut.

As I sit here and type this manager Buck Showalter is trying to explain today's latest debacle. "We need to trust our people," They are very frustrated; they know they are better than [that]" Showalter is right, they ARE better than this we know that they are. But when are we going to start seeing it?

Showalter did mention that the Orioles have been slightly unlucky - and he is right about that to a point. The Orioles offensive BABIP numbers are well below league average right now. BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) measures exactly that. Very basically, how many outs are the Orioles making after contact? The AL average right now is .280 - if a team is above that average it means they are getting a little lucky, the Orioles team BABIP is .255, so yes the Orioles have been a little unlucky.(creidt to BaltimoreTerp over at the Orioles Hangout forums compiling these numbers)

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