Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a Weekend & Happy for the Home Opener...

So far, so good for the Orioles!'

James already gave his thoughts on Britton’s first major league win and what the Birds did today.

Buck-Ball has been riding high with timely hitting, pitching and defense, so let’s hope the Orioles continue this for the next six months or so.

I’ll say, I’m glad the Orioles didn’t repeat their performance during their Opening Series last year. As I see it right now, this is an improved team and certainly one that doesn’t resemble anything we’ve seen recently.

We are probably not going to see the Orioles go 162-0 or win the division; however, we all can dream, right? The team is playing so well.

As long as they don't suck again.

Although the offense can be a tad better, the Orioles are getting key hits in the clutch and men on base when needed. Wieters has been impressive and so far is looking like he is primed for a big year, plus looks even more confident than ever.

It’s only been three games, but the starting pitching has been amazing and between Jeremy Guthrie, Chris Tillman and Zach Britton, they’ve only given up a run.

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