Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Start!

I still can't really believe what a nice start the Orioles are having. We knew this team was improved, we knew they were better, but this better? Despite being destroyed in the nightcap last night the Orioles are off to one of their best starts in a decade. But what is really impressive is how they are doing it: They are just playing solid baseball.

They are out-slugging anyone, they are winning games in fluky late-inning fashion they are just playing very solid fundamental baseball. The pitching, outside of the two losses has been phenomenal, the defense has been more than solid and the offense has been timely if not exactly over powering yet. Jones and Scott finally seem to be warming up as does Reynolds but no one on the team is hitting with an OPS over .800 right now.

Wieters continues to show very little power, and that is a concern. He is SLG at a .216 rate and that simply won't do. Matt showed little real power in spring training and the longer this drought goes on the more of a concern it will be. At the same time the young catcher has been masterful behind the plate calling great games and playing great defense.

Zach Britton has been ridiculously good. There is no other way to say it. You worry about what he will look like as the league starts to adjust to him but for right now Britton simply tore through the Rays and Rangers' lineups, he certainly is making the most of his early call-up though no one is denying that he deserved to be here. Britton wasn't held down due to his talent, effort or production; he was held down due to contract and free agency planning nothing more, nothing less.

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