Monday, April 25, 2011

Come Join Us on Facebook and Twitter...

We've now got a home on Facebook!on Facebook!

For now, it's a simple page, but we hope over the weeks and months, it will become something more.

Everyone seems to have one, so we've joined in on the fun.

It's just been up since Thursday afternoon, so take a minute, shoot us a like, leave a comment and take a look at some of the pretty pictures taken of the Orioles throughout the season.

A special thanks to James for getting our new Facebook page setup and we'll do out best to engage you all, plus make it interactive.

Click here to view/join our Facebook page.our Facebook page.

And yes, we're on Twitter too...

Our Twitter home: The Oriole Post (main) The Oriole Post (main) & James BakerJames Baker

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