Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remembering What Made Me a Fan

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It's been a tough stretch for Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles fans over the past decade.

No matter where you reside - whether it's in Maryland, Florida, California or any part of the world - it's been startling to see what has happened to the Orioles.

Sadly, they have not had a winning season since Bill Clinton was president of the United States of America.

Yet, despite it all, I and most of my friends who rooted for the Orioles growing up still do so today.

It's obvious that the Birds have lost more than they have won over the past decade and longer. There have been some crazy moments such as the 30-3 loss to Texas30-3 loss to Texas in 2007 (which I saw in person); however, there have been some bright ones as well, such as the nine-run comeback against the Red Soxnine-run comeback against the Red Sox in 2009.

More times than I'll admit, I've buried my head in my palms, muttered out a few curse words and shaken my head wondering what I have just saw after a painful Orioles loss. Then again, when something amazing has happened or when they've scored, I jump up, pump up my fists and shout like a kid to let out my enjoyment.

Through the good, bad and ugly, I've remained a follower of the black and orange.

So, why am I a fan?

I often wonder that when I'm by myself or with friends watching a ballgame. I ask myself, "Why I am I here? Isn't there anything better I should be doing with my time?"

Well, maybe I should be in the gym working out or doing some housework. Or better yet, I'd be well-served at times to save some extra money rather than buying a game ticket, paying for parking, drinks,and food - and having to endure traffic leaving a game.

Simply put, I love the game of baseball and appreciate the Orioles, whether they are winning or mired in a rough patch of losing. Being a baseball fan is a major part of my identity - as I am sure with most readers of this blog entry - and I don't ever want it to change.

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