Friday, July 29, 2011

About Last Night, Bergy and Pie

The Orioles once again dropped a game to the Blue Jays, this time losing 8-5 on Thursday and dropping yet another series. Brad Bergesen got lit up again, giving up six runs - four earned - in six innings of work.

The defense was shaky, but honestly, Bergesen was just plain mediocre. It's obvious that he might be on borrowed time as a starter, much less as a member of the Baltimore Orioles -- again.

I'm not sure what to think about him. Bergesen simply cannot maintain any type of consistency and it seems while he can throw a few good innings, he has a bad one or two. That just kills him.

It’s like, he just can’t win. I wind up saying to myself, “Bergy’s such a nice kid, he cares, but … this is a results-driven sport, like ‘what have you done for me, lately?’”

Then my thoughts wander off to this: “Ugh, maybe he’s just not that good”.

Bergesen's pitches are looking flat, and he's not a hard thrower to begin with, so if his sinker and other assortment of stuff isn't working -- the results are not good.

Basically, Bergesen had a good year and a half when he first came up for good as a starter in the big leagues. However, after the line drive off his leg courtesy of the Royals' Billy Butler a couple of seasons ago, Bergesen has not been the same.

Maybe the Orioles might over-rate Bergesen, or perhaps what we are seeing out of him is what he is. Now, he's still relatively young, but I wonder how much confidence the organization still has in him?

If there was a positive out of last night’s game, it’s got to be J.J. Hardy. He continued to kill the Blue Jays (even though he struck out four times on Wednesday) with a 3-for-5 performance with two home runs. Yes, a lot of the pickups that Baltimore acquired in the offseason didn’t work out; however, Hardy has been gold for the Orioles, especially after the injury to Brian Roberts.

Speaking of Roberts, do you all think he will ever be an effective, healthy second baseman (again) – especially at his age? I’m not sure how bad his concussion is, but Roberts must have suffered some serious head trauma.

Finally, it was good to see Nolan Reimold in the lineup last night. Stacey from Camden Chat and others have complained about Felix Pie and his playing time. I agree with it all, and have whined myself from my seat at the Yard just uttering to myself, “why the f**k is Felix playing?”

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