Monday, July 25, 2011

Other Teams Have What the Orioles Don't...

On Sunday, as we all know, the Baltimore Orioles lost to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 9-3.

What was a 3-2 game – in which the Orioles trailed in the eighth inning – became a complete slaughter as the Angels scored a ludicrous five runs off reliever Mark Worrell in the frame.

It was ugly, unbelievable and illustrated an inconvenient truth about the Baltimore Orioles.

The Birds are obviously out-manned and often out-played. They don’t have as much talent as their opponents for the most part.

James and I talked about this issue on Friday night after the awful loss. A bunch of friends and season ticket holders chatted about this topic at our Sunday get-together and during the game.

The frustration only grew ever more fervent during the eighth inning.

However, the problems lay much, much deeper than that.

The current major league roster doesn’t have much depth at all.

Well, that’s probably attributed to the complete lack of reinforcements and overall talent that can make an impact in the big leagues readily available.

The Baltimore system has some young talent that’s up and coming; however, if the team needed to plug in a hole because of an injury (like next week) – who would they bring up? That is, where’s the young talent that could immediately alleviate a bad situation.

The Angels, Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and several other teams have it. Why don’t the Orioles?

It could be a symbol of real bad luck during the Andy MacPhail era.

Maybe the young players may have been over-hyped, or whatever.

Maybe the scouting department isn’t finding the ‘diamonds-in-the-rough’ after the first few picks?

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