Friday, July 8, 2011

A Boston Beatdown

Last night, the Baltimore Orioles got emasculated in Boston as the Red Sox beat them, 10-4.

After the series in Texas, where they got beat badly in two out of their three losses, the Orioles were hoping to have their luck change in the Northeast.

Of course, Fenway Park is always a tough place to play. However, after what happened on Wednesday, could things have gotten worse?

Yes, it has. It didn’t matter much that Buck Showalter ripped into his team on Wednesday due to their lack of effort and inability to play better, the Orioles were still awful on Thursday.

The Red Sox lineup, full of gamers and All-Stars, ripped the guts out of the Orioles. They used six homers off Baltimore pitching to send them to 36-49 and into yet another swoon.

With the cast of characters the Orioles have now on the pitching mound, who knows how bad things will get. They have lost nine out of their last ten, and 18 out of their last 24!

Jake Arrieta, much like many of the Oriole starters in the past three weeks, could not make it past the fifth inning. The Baltimore bullpen was used again, and they got hammered for the third night in a row.

The Oriole defense has been shaky, and they can’t do much with runners in scoring position. Of course, the same issues popped up again last night. Yes, the Red Sox probably would have won anyway; however, the Oriole lineup didn’t help much in the end.

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