Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frustrating Times...

The Orioles suffered yet another painful loss in Texas, 4-2, to the Rangers. Well, last night was a microcosm of the Baltimore’s season so far.

A Birdland pitcher – a young one in his first start, Mitch Atkins – throws a good game. The Orioles take a brief lead, but the bullpen (mainly, Jim Johnson) and a defensive miscue cost them the game. Furthermore, an offense that gets twelve hits on the board only pushes through a couple of runs. That's even more upsetting to know.

Good teams find a way to hold onto a lead and score, but the Orioles can’t master that. They have not for a long time.

Buck Showalter can only do so much – it’s obvious the talent isn’t there for Baltimore right now. This was the year that the climb out of the second division was supposed to begin.

Well, those plans may have been altered – again.

The Orioles are now 36-47, eleven games under .500, therefore, at this point, how do they stop the bleeding? Unless the Orioles find the same magic they did in the final two months of last season, it’s going to be a potentially disappointing summer in Charm City.

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