Thursday, July 28, 2011

The trade deadline looms

And the Orioles have remained largely silent thus far. Granted, the Orioles' trade chips include Jim Johnson, Jeremy Guthrie and Koji Uehara; not exactly "headline grabbing" names on the minds of national writers so don't expect to be following a Koji Uehara deal on Twitter like the Rasmus deal yesterday. Speaking of Colby Rasmus that deal seems to be drawing the ire of a lot of Orioles fans. Frankly, I just don't care.

Colby Rasmus is a fine player but is he "the missing piece" that will put the Orioles over the top in any way? Not a chance, and frankly I don't see what he himself necessarily does for the Blue Jays. They get Brian Tallet and Trevor Miller again and PJ Walters forgive me if I don't shudder with anticipation on those guys. Yes, the Jays have a farm system that is filled with talent and this could be a kind of pre-emptive complementary move for 2012 as some of that young talent makes its way to the majors. But aside from Bret Lawrie at third and Rasmus in the outfield it will largely be the same Blue Jays team that is hovering around .500 right now.

The Jays and the Orioles are in largely similar positions. Keith Law said in his interview with 105.7 The Fan: "You need to build a 90+ win team to contend in the AL East." An 85 win team won't do it. Does Rasmus make the Orioles a 90-win team? Does Ramus make the Jays a 90-win team? Certainly not for the Orioles, maybe only slightly more likely for the Jays.

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