Friday, July 22, 2011

Orioles v Angels: The hottest day of the year

Tonight the Orioles will take on the LA Angels in Baltimore.

If you are coming from out of town and are having trouble finding the city you are not alone. You see Baltimore has been moved to what feels like roughly 20 feet from the surface of the sun. The current temperature in B'more is 107 but the "real feel" is closer to an abominable 120. That was not a typo.

I know it is lame to complain about the heat in the summer but by Odin's Beard that is hot.

Tonight I am sitting in the pressbox giving you all the live coverage and commentary you can handle on the twitter (@hampden42) so check it out and chime in!

The O's are coming off yet another subpar performance against the Red Sox, what else is new?

The internet isn't calling for Andy MacPhail's head - yet, but the pitchforks are being sharpened and torches are being gathered. I already chimed in on that issue today for my weekly guest spot over on Leave a comment - start the conversation.

As I sit here marinating in the pressbox the conversation turns to trades. Who stays, who goes?

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