Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jurrjens Dominates Orioles and a Rant...

Yesterday’s game was frustrating to watch and certainly right now, this must be the lowest point of the baseball season for the Baltimore Orioles and us fans.

The Orioles got scalped by the Braves, 4-0, thanks to Jair Jurrjens’ gem down in Atlanta.

They got beat by one of the best pitchers in the business.

Aside from Adam Jones’ squeaker down the middle in the seventh inning, Baltimore was thoroughly dominated. They could not hit, had some questionable approaches at the plate, and Jurrjens feasted on them.

I’m not going to badger the Orioles for losing. They got beat by an amazing pitcher.

However, they are now nine-games under .500.

The positivity from Fan Fest, Spring Training and the beginning of the season is now gone.

Right now, the Orioles are looking like what some thought they would be – a middle of the road, to mediocre team.

Most of us fans pretty much knew that the current span of interleague games – against the Reds, Cardinals and Braves – would test the Orioles.

Next week, the gauntlet continues as they face the Red Sox – a team much different than they saw when they last played them – and the ever, so tough, Rangers.

You just have to shake your head.

So far, the Orioles aren’t doing too well. My tag team partner, James, expressed himself this morning about the team, and it’s hard to add to anything else that was said.

Simply put, the young pitching isn’t excelling and the hitting has been mediocre at best.

It is what it is

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