Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Win and Brian Roberts

The Orioles still are at this season, and they are not folding at all. They’ve continued their nice end-of-the season run as Matt Angle’s first homer in the majors and an RBI-bunt squeeze (in the ninth) led them to their ninth victory in twelve games.

As well, the Orioles jumped all over Justin Verlander, preventing him from winning his 25th game of the season. They got him for five runs over seven innings and had a 5-1 lead after three innings. The Tigers kept chipping away at the Oriole lead, costing Jeremy Guthrie a win; however, the bullpen managed to hold on and win, plus Kevin Gregg got his 22nd save.

It’s been fun again watching the Orioles in the past two weeks; however, I have no illusions of this nice run meaning much for 2012. While they have gotten a lot of help from call-ups, timely hitting and much better player from everyone, there’s a lot that this organization needs to improve from.

Really, the Orioles are just playing through a really nice stretch beating contenders who may be simply running on fumes or banged up.

Finally, you’ve got see this piece from ESPN on Brian Roberts.ESPN on Brian Roberts.

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