Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Matusz Shelled at the Bronx Zoo

Yesterday in the Bronx, Brian Matusz got shelled real bad as the New York Yankees defeated the Orioles in an ugly slugfest, 11-10.

Of course, the story of the game was Brian Matusz and his complete inability to get guys out at the plate. The Orioles hit several longballs and kept things interesting, but you could not avert your eyes from the hurlers who stepped on the mound yesterday. The Yankees torched Oriole pitching (save for Willie Eyre and Troy Patton) -- especially rookie Jesus Montero, who hit his first two major league homers off reliever/soon-to-be-starter Jim Johnson.

But all eyes were on Brian Matusz in Birdland.

He had done fairly well in the Bronx in the past; sadly, Matusz was serving up batting practice and just could not get anyone out. Watching it on TV is one thing; however, seeing him live as I did -- in enemy territory -- made for a crazy day.

I don’t know what to say about the young man, but he has to figure it out on the mound. He’s a key part of the future – still – with the Baltimore Orioles. However, at this point, he should not be starting -- that is, unless Buck Showalter wants to be a masochist.

It's obvious there is a problem with Matusz. He says that there's no injury issue; however, is there one?

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