Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orioles Get Win Over Angels With Some Drama Included...

The Orioles are quite on a roll, and for the second night in a row, they defeated the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 6-2.

Well, in light of the win, it was all kinds of a crazy at the Yard last night. Baltimore plated five runs in the opening inning, as J.J. Hardy and Mark Reynolds homered; however, Anaheim starter Ervin Santana – whether or not you thought he was hitting someone (that’s subject to interpretation) – hit Nolan Reimold in the back after Reynolds’ homer.

That being said, things calmed down for a bit – until the third inning. Santana once again would use the beanball, this time at Reynolds – who had homered in his previous at bat.

Reynolds would be hit in the head and luckily his helmet saved him. Obviously, he was not very happy about the situation and walked to first. However, he would be pulled out of the game in the fourth inning.

That leads me to think, why was Santana not thrown out – much more, even warned? I am not going to say that he intentionally wanted to hurt someone; however, his actions on the mound were nothing short of questionable. If Santana did intend to exact revenge with a beanball, it was awfully stupid to do and was unbecoming of a professional.

Seriously, if Santana wanted to get angry – he should have been pissed at himself for giving up those home runs in the opening inning to put his team behind.

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