Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Sox Narrowly Defeat Orioles...

Well, the Orioles last night, in their 161st game lost to the Boston Red Sox, 8-7, in a close game that has a ton of intrigue and drama surrounding it. We all know that the Red Sox have tanked and are tied with the Rays for the Wild Card spot in the American League East with a game to play.

Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon got the save in a crazy ninth inning where the Orioles plated in a run off a Matt Wieters’ infield single; however, Baltimore could not do much more as Adam Jones grounded out with a runner on base to finish up the game.

Although the stadium looked half-empty on TV, it sounded like a playoff game at Camden Yards and it was good to see Oriole fans standing up and rooting for their team in the final inning. Of course, Red Sox fans were there too, but being at the game Monday night, it too seemed that Oriole fans had a vested interest in the final home series of the year.

Although my interest in the Orioles in the last few games of the season is there, I’m more intrigued to see how the Red Sox finish up and wonder if they finish their epic collapse, or squeak into the playoffs.

I do like how the Orioles are fighting, playing better and refusing to fold.

Zach Britton finished out his year with an 11-11 and only getting through 4 1/3 innings on Tuesday night. Brittton was mediocre on the night, but all things considered, you can count this year as a moderate success for him despite all the ups and downs.

The Red Sox got clutch homers from Jacoby Ellsbury, Marco Scutaro and rookie Ryan Lavarnway - who had unexpectedly stepped in to catch because of injuries to Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek - who hit two homers.

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