Tuesday, September 6, 2011

University of Maryland - Fashion Fail

(picture from the Washington Post)

I have no idea why the University of Maryland felt the need to change their football uniforms so drastically. My Lord.

I get the idea of what the university wanted to do; however, when it comes to uniforms, they should be simple, classy and elegant. Always.

No multi-colored, creative crap, just clean and never made to be the subject of ridicule.

What I saw on the field last night in terms of the university's fashion sense was a complete abomination. Sorry, I love my home state, my alma mater and everything Maryland, but those jerseys should be burned and never worn again.

1 comment:

Will Sallard said...

I'd like a pair of shorts that look like that. I'll probably get some next summer. People keep talking about the Maryland uniforms but I think I like them more than I hate them. I just hope they don't get any ideas about changing the basketball jerseys.

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