Friday, September 2, 2011

The Month of September

As we head into the month of September, the Orioles are once again trying to avoid this infamous number: 100.

That would be 100 losses, and on Thursday, they didn’t get any closer to that goal. The Blue Jays would wind up taking two out of three games yesterday, as they won 8-6. Also, the Orioles have now clinched their 14th straight losing season with their record now at 54-81.

Only 27 more games to go.

Much of the attention of sports fans in the region has turned to this weekend’s race in downtown Baltimore and also on the NFL; however, the Orioles do have some things to still play for.

Mainly, let’s see if the team can finish the season with some momentum - mainly winning. As we know, that plays little into how a team will do in an upcoming season (case study: 2010), but would help to lift the esteem of fans – who have been suffering - and also the players.

Plus, I would like to see how some of the young players promoted from the minors do in the month of September. Maybe one, two, or more will use their ‘cup of coffee’ in the majors to leave an impression on the front office and fight for a spot next year.

At least let’s see if Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis can finish the season strong. Can Brian Matusz find himself again?

Will Jim Johnson start? Can Nolan Reimold hack it as an everyday major leaguer? Does Mark Reynolds reach the 40-homer plateau? How will the recent trades work out this month – and in the future?

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