Sunday, September 25, 2011

Matusz Hit Hard ... Again

Once again, it was a tough Sunday out for Brian Matusz. Yesterday, the Orioles got spanked by the Detroit Tigers, 10-6, and once again, all eyes were on the young southpaw.

At that point, the Orioles had nothing to lose with only four games left in the season. So if you are Buck Showalter, why not put the young southpaw out there?

In the end, the results were not good. He lasted five innings and gave up six runs on Sunday. Well, perhaps it was not as bad as some of his other outings this summer; nevertheless, it was not good, either.

When it all comes down it, I don’t know what to say about the young man, but he has to figure it out on the mound.

I know some fans want him traded; however, he’s a key part of the future – still – with the Baltimore Orioles. It's obvious there is a problem with Matusz. He says that there's no injury issue; however, is there one?

There might be a mechanical problem -- or it might in his head; alas, he needs to be either shut down or placed in the bullpen. The kid needs to get himself together and gain some confidence. At this point, Matusz really needs to work hard to get himself in better shape and prepared for the rigors of a major league season.

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