Monday, September 26, 2011

Red Sox Drama and The Final Series of the Year

In roughly half an hour or so, the Orioles will start their final homestand of the season as they face the Red Sox at Camden Yards.

If baseball needed some intrigue to end the season, they have a heck of a storyline here. Frankly, the sport was kind of boring head into September.

So far, Camden Yards isn’t that full (and more than likely won't be), I’m sure Sox fans are eagerly waiting to see what results from tonight and the next two days. It seems that their fanbase -- well accustomed to drama before 2004 -- have to wonder if their Red Sox will make it to October or perhaps suffer a devstating collapse (maybe one of the worst in sports history).


I thought this team was en route to 100 wins before September, but they have tanked – losing an astounding 18 games this month – thanks to guys breaking down, but mainly awful pitching.

I didn’t think I would care that much about this series (I assumed Boston was going to sail into the playoffs); however, I hope Baltimore spoils their dream.

The Sun had a piece on whether or not Orioles fans care about the last three games. Well, it seems they do.

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