Tuesday, April 3, 2012

75 Wins in 2012 and Other Predictions

I think this Orioles team is going to be better than last year's. I think the best case scenario for this team is .500, I think the worst case is 66, so middle ground I'm putting them at 75. I think there is too much talent on this team to lose 100+ games even if everything goes wrong. You need to be a special kind of bad to have that happen and I don't think the Orioles are that kind of bad.

Orioles All-Star: Adam Jones and Matt Wieters. Yes TWO All-Stars for the Orioles this year. I think both are going to have good enough first halves that you simply can't keep them both out.
Which Pitcher will win the most games? Arrieta with 17.

Who Will Lead the Team With RBI? Adam Jones

Who Will Lead the Team in Homers? Reynolds with 40

Saves Leader: Jim Johnson. But you will also see Pedro Strop and maybe even Chris Tillman record saves this year.

Who Will Be the Orioles MVP? Matt Wieters

Does Brian Roberts Play? No. He will eventually be transferred to the 60 Day-DL and some sort of agreement will be worked out regarding the remainder of his contract.

Attendance: 2.5 million. The team is better.


How the AL East will shape up at the end of the season: Tampa Bay, Boston (WC), New York , Toronto, Baltimore ** As mush as I think that the Orioles will be a better team this year and have a non-zero chance of finishing over .500 I can't in good conscience put them anywhere but fifth. This is more a function of their division than anything else. For the Orioles to not finish fifth one team above them will have to fall apart.

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