Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Willis leaves Triple-A Norfolk; Team stuck in an conundrum

When Dontrelle Willis by signed by the Orioles during Spring Training, it was an intriguing option. He was a pitcher who had past glory and could perhaps help the team as a left-handed reliever.

However, there’s been a bump in the road. It looks like Willis, according to several reports has left Triple-A Norfolk.

From the Baltimore Sun: Orioles minor league pitcher Dontrelle Willis has reportedly left the club’s Triple-A affliate in Norfolk left the club’s Triple-A affliate in Norfolk without the organization’s permission after being placed on the minor league restricted list, but the Orioles appear to have no plans to release the left-hander.

When the Orioles signed Willis, he said he was willing to do anything for the opportunity to get back to the big leagues, including beginning the season in the minors, something Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette said was likely in order to give Willis time to get adjusted to the role.

Willis went on Norfolk’s disabled list with a left forearm strain April 12, but was abruptly placed on the club’s restricted last night.

He left the Tides on Wednesday after a meeting with Duquette, Tides manager Ron Johnson and Tides pitching coach Mike Griffin.
Duquette told CBSSports.com MondayDuquette told CBSSports.com Monday that Willis left the team without permission following a difference of opinion on whether he should be a starter or reliever. Duquette told the website that the organization welcomes Willis' return.
Now, according to MASN’s Roch Kubatko, Willis doesn’t want to come back to the teamWillis doesn’t want to come back to the team.

Well, Willis still sees himself as a starting pitcher; however, he’s not been very effective in several seasons now. He figured that he could be released from his contract, but now is confused as to why he was placed on the restricted list.

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