Friday, April 6, 2012

A Missive on Opening Day

Good morning everybody, please be seated.

As we look to the sky this morning we notice that the sun is taking a more familiar path. The trees are regaining their greenery slowly, surely; the fauna of springtime are vocalizing their pleasure in this great day. Baseball has returned to Baltimore.

The Orioles, our Orioles, will once again take the field carrying the undying hopes of a community of people. Young/ old; black/ white; all of us sit, watch and hope. We hope for a team that gives us a reason to hold our heads high. Through the losses, the injuries, the bad decisions, the bad luck we still sit and hope.

Yes in this year 2012 that hope may very well be misplaced and once again go unrealized, but today is not a day for that. No, rather, today is for first pitches and a continuation of rituals that go back generations. With every first pitch there comes the hope for something better. With every first hit there comes a sense that this could be our year. With every “w” written on the schedule comes the ever present question: “why not?”

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