Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Yankees Sweep Orioles; Kevin Gregg

The New York Yankees have always proven to be a pain-in-the-you-know-what for the Baltimore Orioles over the years, and last night was no exception.

For the second consecutive game, both teams went into extra innings; however, once again, the Yankees emerged victorious as they defeated the Orioles, 6-4, in ten innings.

After starting 3-0, Baltimore is now 3-3. We as fans can feel better that the games have not been blowouts; however, at this point – are the Orioles what they are?

So far, I think the Orioles are better than last year, but mediocre teams cannot give good teams umpteen chances to come back. In this series against the Yankees, they have done it time and time again.

In order to become a good baseball team, the Orioles need to secure a lead and close out a game. That’s the bottom line.

Of course, the Orioles had a golden chance to win in the 9th inning as Adam Jones – who had a chance to a hero in the clutch – struck out with the bases loaded against reliever Rafael Soriano. That’s fine and well, and there’s no shame in striking out for Jones, but the Orioles have to capitalize on that situation.

Kevin Gregg – who got booed during the Opening Day pre-game ceremony – didn’t help out his public image. I feel for the guy, but last night he did not get the job done. Granted, he pitched two innings of relief, but got in trouble in the top of the tenth as he allowed a runner to reach base and gave up a devastating home run to Nick Swisher.

In the bottom of the tenth, it was game, set, match for the Orioles as Mariano Rivera put them away and earned his second save of this season, and his 605th of his career.

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