Monday, April 9, 2012

Enjoy the sweep, enjoy it!

The Orioles swept the Twins and emotions are running high. They swept the Twins by way of three fantastic starting pitching performances: 22IP/ 3R/ 1ER/ 10H/ 12K/ 6BB. For a team that many national writers expect to lose 100 games and have one of the worst pitching staffs in recent baseball history - that is a very good start. Yet, the refrain I am hearing from too many people is: "yeah great, but it was the Twins and they aren't supposed to be good this year." Well neither are the Orioles right?

I thought the Orioles' best case scenario was 69 wins? I thought that the rotation would be worse then last year's because we traded away Guthrie? If those opinions were true then the Orioles should be celebrating every series win like it's VJ Day. If this team is supposed to be one of the absolute worst teams in baseball then the Twins should not be discounted as some are.

Listen, 3-0 is a great start no matter how you slice it. Sweeping a MLB team in a three-game set is hard enough no matter who you are playing and the Orioles deserve credit for a newly flawless weekend. I understand that no one wants to get too excited and no one should, but let's not discount a great weekend too much.

Tonight the Yankees come into town licking their wounds after being on the wrong-end of a three-game sweep at the hands of the Rays. Brian Matusz will be going up against 2011 wunderkind Ivan Nova, who is trying to forget a fairly underwhelming spring. Matusz has his first big test of 2012 trying to keep the starting pitching mojo working against the older, but still vaunted Yankee lineup.

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