Monday, April 30, 2012

The Baltimore Orioles: Is the improbable now possible & Frank Robinson

So far, in the month of April, the Baltimore Orioles have been a complete surprise in the world of Baseball.

In the offseason, I predicted the Birds would see their win total in the sub-70’s.

If they keep playing at this rate, that won’t happen.

Well, once again, the Orioles’ improbable start to the season continues its amazing storyline, as they beat the Oakland Athletics, 5-2, on Sunday. The Orioles scored five unanswered runs in the bottom of the ninth inning sending the Yard into frenzy.

No matter what happens from here on out with the Orioles, they look much improved and are a team holds a never-say-die mantra. They are supposed to suck this season, but are proving all the experts and naysayers wrong.

Statistically, they had little chance winning of the game; however, a Matt-Wieters two-run double, Oakland reliever Grant Balfour’s inability to finish off the contest, and a Wilson Betemit three-run shot made all the difference.

The Orioles got to frolic. The fans were happy and a wonderful Sunday even become more so.

I was in attendance at Camden Yards and I didn’t think the Orioles could pull out a win.

Rotund Oakland starter Bartolo Colon – at age 38 – dominated the Orioles for eight innings, until the final frame. Tommy Hunter – who started for the Orioles – looked like a potential hard-luck loser, giving up two runs in seven innings of work, providing the Birds another quality start. The offense was dead, and it didn't seem like things were clicking.

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