Thursday, April 5, 2012

That Opening Day Feeling

In a little more than 24 hours, it will be Opening Day in the city of Baltimore for the Orioles.

It’s supposed to be a cool, but sunny day out at Camden Yards on Friday; however, I’ll be excited be to out at the park and the Birds of Baltimore start the season out on a high note.

The game is sold out on Friday, and I’ll be curious to see what attendance is like on Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon. The local media will treat the day as holiday with wall-to-wall coverage, it will be a day of pomp-and-circumstance with the pre-game ceremonies, and people will be excited to baseball back in town.

The bars around the stadium will be buzzing, there will be a lot of alcohol flowing, and there will be a lot of fans dressed in black and orange to partake in another start of the year for the Orioles.

However, I do get the feeling now that Opening Day at Oriole Park is like going to church on Christmas, or Easter in the city.

Well, sort of like people are glad to be there for the sake of being there, and the other 80 home games don’t matter.

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