Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Congrats Cal & The Rundown: Orioles Lose 10-6 to the Yankees…

On a sunny day in Cooperstown, New York on Sunday, our own Cal Ripken was formally inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Apparently, Cooperstown was a sea of black and orange and lest we not forget, Tony Gwynn was inducted too, another class act…

Flanked by fifty plus living Hall of Famers, his family, and nearly seventy to a hundred thousand Orioles fans, Ripken spoke about in general about his time as an Oriole, his family, and his work with kids along with his business post-baseball life.

The speech was fairly general, in my opinion; however, it was great to see him emotional and talk about the bedrock of life – family.

After the Yankee-Oriole game, both Yankee and Oriole fans took out the time to view the Ripken induction on the video screen in centerfield.

There’s a video of Cal Ripken’s Hall of Fame Induction on the Baltimore Sun website.

The esteemed Tom Boswell of Washington Post has a great article on the Iron Man, Cal Ripken, and Dave Shenin believes his career took on a mythical element…


In light of the induction, the Orioles lost yesterday to the New York Yankees, 10-6, in a game that saw Daniel have no focus in the first two innings, and with the combination of walks and hits, the boys in black and orange were in a deep hole.

Daniel Cabrera was nothing short of awful in the beginning of yesterday’s game and you have to wonder if this is the best he’ll get.

The O’s six-game win streak was snapped; however, the Orioles were able to take two of three from the New York Yankees.

Miguel Tejada returned this weekend, and played DH on Sunday – good for the Orioles to see.

Although the Orioles were able to come back within a run in the mid-point of the game, the Yankees lineup was too much and the Oriole bullpen could not hold the tight lead.

For the most part, the game was secondary as most O’s fans were in glee about Cal.

However, from the looks of it, Cal may be the last Oriole inducted for a long time.

For those of you who were able to make the trip up there, I’d love to hear about it.


The Baltimore Examiner has more on the events from Sunday in Cooperstown, and the Washington Post finds him to be a working man’s hero.

Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun believes that Cal Ripken is still shaping his legacy post-baseball career with all his ventures and work with kids. The Baltimore Examiner expounds on how Cal Ripken was able to save the game of baseball after the ’94 strike as well as redefined the shortstop position.

Meanwhile, Chris Ray’s elbow his passed a second test, and that’s a good thing…

Kevin Millar, in light of the lack of physical gifts has been able to become a great defender and leader on this team…

Peter Schmuck opines on Sunday, as it took us all away from the scandals of sports for a day.

The Orioles MLB site has an interesting article on Erik Bedard.

Rock Kubatko believes that Jay Payton will be traded at the deadline…

In other news, Jim Palmer got married this weekend in Cooperstown, New York – congrats Jim, and the Aberdeen Ironbirds played a game on Doubleday Field on Saturday.

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Greg S said...

I really wish I could have made it up to Cooperstown for the event - it looked like there were so many O's fans there it must have been amazing. Fred Malek also had a really good post on the event too.

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