Monday, July 2, 2007

The Idiot File: Cynthia Rodriguez

Now, I don't get this, either you want attention, or you don't.

Cynthia Rodriguez I guess wants the latter, and she doesn't care what the world thinks about it. On Sunday, according to the New York Post, Ms. Rodriguez wore a shirt on the back that said F**k You.

She was with her 2-year old daughter at the time...
I guess no one told Ms. Rodriguez that shirt is not allowed in Yankee Stadium, but yet security did nothing about it.


Although the Yankees are floundering, they still manage to keep the team in the news -- for better or worse.


The Lady said...

Apparently a designer boutique in NYC makes these shirts: It wasn't made-to-order for someone trying to make a statement. Still, she should know better.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I think the brand name is FCUK, or something like that. Visiting the city, I know of the company.

But you are right, she was attracting attention -- the wrong kind...

The Lady said...

According to the LoHud Yankees blog, it is NOT a FCUK tee-shirt: (See the 6:17 PM update after the main post.) GM Brian Cashman spoke to her about it but didn't reveal what he told her.

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