Thursday, July 19, 2007

The O's Lose 6-5 to the Seattle, Dave Trembley and the Rundown...

Daniel Cabrera started on three days' rest for Baltimore in place of Erik Bedard, who was scratched with a stiff neck.

The O’s lost 6-5.

He pitched five innings, giving up eight hits and five runs. Granted, he started on three days rest, but his command and inconsistency continued.

Which Daniel Cabrera will we see from game to game?

The bullpen for the umpteenth time, the bullpen lost another game as Chad Bradford gave up the winning run by walking Adrian Beltre in the 8th inning.

Corey Patterson has been hot as late, as he had 3 hits and a run driven in, plus Jay Payton had a solo home run. Nick Markakis, Chris Gomez and Jon Knott drove in runs for the Orioles.

The O’s face off in Oakland against the A’s this weekend, starting on Friday.


The Baltimore Examiner has a recap of the game last night, as does the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun & Orioles Hangout website.

Bill Ordine of the O, by the Way Blog has more details from last night. As well, he believes in another blog entry that the O’s can make life miserable for the both the Red Sox and Yankees.

There are more details on Bedard’s condition from the Washington Post, but he’s expected to start Friday against Oakland. The Baltimore Sun has more.

According to Sean Welsh of the Examiner, Andy MacPhail still plans on using July 31st as a timetable whether or not he wants to find a new manager or not. Honestly, just let Dave Trembley finish out the year and go from there. I think he deserves a shot, and furthermore is almost senseless to yank a guy from his position when the season is almost over. The team seems to be responding to him, so let’s see how it works out long term.

I don’t know, this kind of goes against what he said at the “State of the Orioles” meeting. Stay tuned, as is what the fans are told is different than what goes on behind closed doors?

Could Miggy be back soon? He took batting practice the other day

Former Angels’ shortstop, Gary DiSarcina recalls fondly the day Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s all-time consecutive game record.

The Baltimore Orioles are set on honoring Cal Ripken on July 24th, the day of the bobblehead giveaway.

I work a lot with Mike Boehm of Oriole Magic, and he’s fairly upset about the plans for the 24th of July, Cal’s send-off on part of the team and the media coverage.

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