Monday, July 16, 2007

The Oriole Ushers and One in Particular...

Over the past fifteen years, the ushers at Camden Yards have had anything but a stellar reputation, and while a lot of the staff are great wonderful people and perform their job with professionalism, some need to work on their people and interpersonal skills.

This year, the ushers have become more liberal, and in a park that can barely fill the stands to half the capacity, it's a nice gesture on part of the organization.

Well, after half the damn season (remember, I am a 6′4 -5″ guy and not that hard to miss), the friendly usher who looks like he's been around since the days of the Model-T Ford(who has seen me probably every game I have attended this year, upwards of 20 plus, as I sit the same seat perhaps 2-3 innings per game) in section 20 took the time to throw me of the section. He knows who I am an he never gave me trouble, but he decided to spoil the experience.

I decide to talk to him diplomatically and explain what I was doing. He was not interested and didn't care to hear me out.

He assumed I was probably some punk kid, who was moving up from the $9 seats to the wine and cheese seats. I have a 13 game deal behind home plate, and a 29 game plan near third base, all at $45.

On Saturday, I decided to try to take shots of Chris Ray during the 10th inning, and the he decided to give me a hard time — this time crossing the borders of professionalism and general courtesy. He rushed me to take my pictures and when I stuck around there for a minute too long, I was promptly told to "get out and go" in a loud, aggressive tone.

He did not know I was 2 sections (16) over in the second row, because I didn't have tickets that night and wanted to take pictures of the Chicago White Sox series.

I’m going to talk with the supervisors, and will also write a letter of formal complaint to the organization and perhaps approach MacPhail via letter or in person.

It’s asinine that someone behaves that way on their job, and I have decided to at least make someone aware of it if they want to keep me as a paying customer.

Well, I will not stop going to the Yard, but I'll buy a ticket now on his section as close I can to make him squirm, miserable and call him out on his behavior. Folks, if he acts up, I'll post a video of it.

I ordinarily would let this go, but as a paying customer and fan for a team that has had a decade of losing; furthermore, since fans stay away now in drones, this behavior should be the last thing one should to alienate fans.

If he acts up again, his name and likeness will be posted on the blog.

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