Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Idiot File: Michael Vick

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Seriously, need I say any more?

Whether or not you get convicted, plead guilty or whatever; Mr. Vick, you are at minimum naive and need to use much better judgment, at worst, you're a sociopath who probably deserves to be locked up.

Folks, one would think a man who has the sporting world at his fingertips had not better get himself into any trouble, and would keep those who are liabilities away from him.

That could be further from the truth. Time and time again, athletes in society are treated with kid gloves and are given chance after chance because of their talent and their ability to make money for their team, endorsers and themselves.

For you all people who love this guy -- do you know him? I mean, I am not trying to pass judgment on anyone (ok, I am in this instance), but hero worship is a dangerous thing and Mr. Vick is exhibit A, B and C.

He got away with alleged sexual assault (how we are more upset over dogs, I have no idea), walking through a TSA security check point with drugs along with flipping the bird in front of Atlanta Falcon fans.

Whether or not he wants to be a role model is fine with me; however, when you are the face of a league, a multi-millionaire and a professional athlete who represents a region, you have to carry yourself with more class than the average person.

Even though most professional athletes are decent, hard-working people who have a gift from God, Michael Vick's alleged behavior has given athletes a black eye.

At the point, it does not matter if he gets locked up or not, he's ruined his career, cost himself millions and the respect of fans all over the world.

If there's a shining light, consider Ray Lewis. Some people still look at him with disdain, but for the most part, he's come back and earned the respect of his peers, those in the media and fans.

Mr. Vick, everyone deserves a second chance, and if you get off the charges against you, perhaps the first thing that needs to happen is to consult Mr. Lewis.

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