Sunday, July 8, 2007

In San Francisco...

Well, I just arrived in San Francisco after being in the air a little under 5 or so hours.

It’s 8pm here, but at the moment, I am still on Eastern time and in a bit of a daze. The day got started around 10am, as I parked my car at Reagan Washington National Airport and departed at 12pm.

Well, I took Airtran, the discount airline, and got a fairly decent fare considering the bought the ticket the day before I left. Anyhow, I landed in Atlanta to board the flight for San Francisco, but ended up on a lay-over there for more than 4 and a half hours, where I ate overpriced food at the terminal and goofed around on my computer.

I’m about to head my hotel, which looks okay from what I saw online and is relatively close to the ballpark and the Fanfest location.

While I am there, I plan to see Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, plus hang out at the wharf/fishmarket. I also want to see the street that winds up and down, etc.

I have been here umpteen times, but there’s always something you miss in San Francisco – therefore, it should be a grand time there.

Also, as everyone who reads this blog knows my buddy Doug says I’m a picture wh**e, expect to see a lot of travels and other stuff.

Stay tuned to the blog for more, and maybe I’ll have an encounter with a famous person or two. Considering, I volunteered in Pittsburgh for MLB and the Pirates, I could not do it this time around due to commitments at work on the homefront, I will not see as much behind the scenes as I did in 2006.

In addition, I am trying not to go broke on this trip, or over budget. I will miss having a car to discover California with, and as well this trip will be significantly more expensive; however, this time around, I am close to everything and with my bud.

I have great seats for the events on Sunday and Monday; however, we have SRO (standing room only) tickets, but I will get great shots for everyone; nevertheless.

The high will be a chilly 64, as compared to 96 in my part of the world -- wow.


The Lady said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Let us know how Alcatraz is; that's the one place I didn't see the time I went to SF.

messy_hair_girl said...

I was just in San Francisco and loved the weather. Make sure you say hello to everyone in an O's cap -- there are a shocking lot of Baltimore Transplants out there.

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