Monday, July 16, 2007

Orioles Win 5-3, Garrett Olson Wins His First MLB Game, the Rundown...

Well, it was good weekend for O's fans as the team took 3 of 4 from the struggling White Sox, and saw a glimpse of perhaps the future of the Orioles as Garrett Olson won his first major league in a solid start on Sunday.

The O's won last night 5-3 for their third straight win, and I covered the game for Oriole Magic! yesterday

Pictures, etc. will be coming in a bit.

The O's start a series in Seattle tonight into Wednesday.


First of all, the team held a "State of the Orioles" meeting yesterday at the stadium for season ticket holders. Dave Steele of the Baltimore Sun has an article on the event yesterday morning and all in all, manager Dave Trembley and Andy MacPhail came off very good to the fans yesterday and handled themselves with confidence.

Second of all, I’ll give the front office and the organization credit; as much criticizing, moaning, griping and complaining we do with the Orioles, they at least took the initiative to hear fans out. Furthermore, MacPhail and Dave Trembley have gone out of their way to make themselves accountable to some degree to the fans.

The meeting went about an hour, and although there was not anything earth-shattering or no new revelations made.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game as Garrett Olson won his first start in the majors.

The Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, and the Orioles MLB site.

Corey Patterson was hot this weekend at the plate, and Steve Trachsel is on his way back to the big club.

Once again, Nick "the Stick" has gotten hot in the second half...

Right now, it is undecided if Steve Trachsel or Garrett Olson will be the fifth starter.

Kevin Millar wants to be in Baltimore, and enjoys playing here everyday. Well, two weeks ago, I would have said trade him, but with the injuries to Mora and Millar, he's not doubt a leader on the team right now, and with his hot streak at the plate, he's doing wonders for the club.

There is more on the thoughts of Millar from the Examiner.

Press Box Online has a great piece on the success and personalities of Erik Bedard and Jeremy Guthrie.

Amber Theoharis thinks Dave Trembley is a perfect fit with the Orioles.

Now that we are in the second half, Stan "the Fan" Charles has his mid-season report card - it's so-so, and really needs improvement.

Bill Ordine of the O, By the Way Blog, has this thoughts on last night's game and also notes that the Loss Column is wanting fans to take back the Yard on September the 8th.

The Baltimore Sun has a question for Brandon Fahey...

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