Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Details On The Uniforms...

If you're a hardcore Oriole fan in the region, the team is unveiling their new uniforms on Wednesday. I was scoring the 'net earlier, and read a few more details on the event tomorrow via Camden Chat's Stacey which was taken from an entry on Roch's blog:

From Roch's Blog: I was invited to the third floor of the warehouse today to take a look at the new Orioles uniforms, which will be unveiled at Wednesday's noon rally at The Gallery at Harborplace.

I can't provide any specifics at this time, but keep checking masnsports.com before Wednesday at noon.

I will say that some changes to the home, road and alternate jerseys and caps will be quite noticeable, others more subtle. The club wanted to strike a balance between giving a nod to its past and being contemporary and looking toward the future.


Update: I forgot to mention earlier that team president Andy MacPhail, manager Dave Trembley and several current and former players - including Nick Markakis, George Sherrill, Jeremy Guthrie and Hall of Famer Jim Palmer - will attend Wednesday's rally. There is no admission charge.
I'll be looking to seeing the team's new threads, and I'm sure they'll be a hit with everyone who loves the team.

I'm not real big on uniform changes just for the sake of doing them, but I am eagerly awaiting to see what the road ones look like.

Then again, I'd rather see the team starting winning more than anything.

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