Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Trade In The Works?

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend and recovering from Black Friday -- assuming you partook in it -- however, it looks like the Orioles may now be involved in some trade talk now.

Well, if you have had your pulse on the news, it seems like the Oriole and Cubs are annual trade partners; thus, there may be something in the works -- again.

From the Baltimore Sun: The Orioles have revisited trade talks with the Cubs about outfielder Felix Pie, according to industry sources, and could end up as the third team in a three-way deal that would send marquee right-hander Jake Peavy from the San Diego Padres to Chicago.

Pie, once considered one of the best young prospects in the game, was an Orioles target at this time last year when the two teams discussed a trade involving two-time All-Star second baseman Brian Roberts.

Orioles president Andy MacPhail said today that a deal is not imminent but acknowledged that Pie is the kind of player the Orioles are pursuing to broaden the club's position depth.

"We have a lot of different irons in the fire," MacPhail said. "We're in the process of determining who our trading partners might be and which free agents we might have a chance to sign. We're basically in the same position as everybody else, waiting for a couple of big dominoes to fall."
Right now, considering Jones is in the fold in center field and Markakis is in right, I don't know if he's a fit for the team unless someone is moved. However, Pie has promise, and a place like Baltimore -- assuming he can live up to his potential -- could be one where he shines, plus could be another young player to be added to Baltimore's long term plans.

Now this tidbit...
The Padres, who are limited in trade talks for Peavy because of the 2007 National League Cy Young Award winner's no-trade clause, covet Garrett Olson, a Southern California native. This offseason, the Padres asked for Olson in exchange for veteran shortstop Khalil Greene, but the Orioles rejected the offer. Olson, 25, is 10-13 with a 6.87 ERA in 33 starts over two major-league seasons.

The Padres and Cubs have been looking for a third team to get involved in the Peavy trade talks because Chicago reportedly doesn't have all the young, major-league-ready pieces San Diego is seeking.
I'm not sure we should trade Olson -- he's shown flashes of brilliance at times, despite being inconsistent in 2008; however, the Orioles need to yet younger, and a player of Pie's pedigree and potential does not come by too often. The Cubs have their needs, as do the Orioles and Padres -- two teams that will most likely be in the second division in 2009.

Again, Pie seems to be quite inciting. What would he coming to Charm City factor into Luke Scott or Lou Montanez's playing time?

I'm split on doing this move; however, if the Padres add another piece -- primarily an infielder -- it might be move worth making especially if it could perhaps open the door to what could potentially transpire.

Then again, there might be a significant hurdle too on making this deal happen as Peter Schmuck notes:
Don't hold your breath on this. There are some complicating factors, primarily the three-year, $52 million contract extension Peavy signed that guarantees him an average of $16 million per year from 2010 through 2012 (on top of his $11 million for 2009 and including a $4 million buyout if his $22 million option for 2013 doesn't get picked up). Taking on that contract probably is going to require approval from whoever makes the highest bid for the Cubs franchise, which is being sold by the Tribune Company. The deadline for bids is Monday.
Stay tuned. Something may happen, or it may not.

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