Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More O's Roster Moves; Front Office Replacement; Ripken Trip Ends; Scott Boras

There were quite a few happenings today with the media via media reports -- they're aren't huge moves; nevertheless, we've got activity going on.

The Orioles added five guys to the 40-man roster -- pitche Brad Bergesen, right-handed pitcher David Hernandez, right-handed pitcher Chorye Spoone, left-handed pitcher Wilfredo Perez and outfielder Nolan Reimold to the 40-man roster -- as well as signed catcher Jose Reyes to a minor league deal.

Again, the team has simply added more bodies to the roster as well to protect a few of them from the Rule 5 Draft; however, you cannot discount the job that Bergesen, Hernandez, and Reimold did down at the lower levels in 2008.


Also, the Baltimore Sun has reported that Andy MacPhail is looking to fill the front office position that was vacated by Scott Proefrock this week.
Orioles president Andy MacPhail is in the "beginning process" of adding someone to replace former director of baseball administration Scott Proefrock, and one possibility is former Cincinnati Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky.

MacPhail said he has spoken to Krivsky and "absolutely" would consider him a candidate for the job, but said no interviews have been set up.

"Frankly, there are other things that we are really attending to at this time," said MacPhail, who added that the front-office position probably wouldn't be filled for weeks. "We'll also look internally. It doesn't have to come externally."
Now, Krivsky -- who had some hits and misses as the former GM of the Reds -- but has nearly three decades of experience in Major League Baseball. I don't know a lot about him aside from what I have seen from the media and some Reds blogs, but his knowledge might serve some value to MacPhail, especially on the scouting and talent side.

Then again, it's too early in the game for to even consider Krivsky is a candidate for the job.


It looks like Cal Ripken's trip to Nicaragua has come to an end due to some violence and protests that took place on Sunday in the city of Leon.

As noted by the Washington Post on Sunday, an event like this seemed to be bound to happen as Nicaragua has been torn by strife due to recent elections; however, despite it all, I'm sure the kids down there who got a chance to learn from a legend are that much richer.


Finally, super agent Scott Boras is hosting a Q&A chat on the USA Today website at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. He may have made the sport -- for better or worse -- a more profitable one for the athletes you see on the diamond today.

Of course, Boras is the agent for Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Jason Vartiek, Matt Wieters and a multitude of others. (A hat tip to Kristen from MASN and the We've Got heart blog...)

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