Friday, November 14, 2008

The Roundup...

I've had a plethora of free time here in my office today, and I have not posted what some of the media other O's blogs have said for a good long while, so here I go. I'll once again make this a bi-weekly feature on the mother ship...

First off, the new jerseys are seemingly a hit with everyone and have almost universal praise -- even from some in Washington. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post gives the organization kudos about their new threads. Now, he is certainly no fan of the Orioles, and especially Peter Angelos; however, he gives nothing but compliments for how the event on Wednesday was handled along with reaching out to the customer base throughout Maryland.

Scott Hoffman of Orioles Hangout has a great article on their website about how great the uniform change was how it resonated with a lot of fans; Pete Kerzel of Pressbox Online also has piece on the uniform change, as does the Examiner. The Roar from 34 gives their stamp of approval with the new threads as does the Wayward O; The Loss Column says the event on Wednesday was a smashing success and as well let's us in on what the team needs to get out of the cellar in the AL East; SC of Camden Chat wants us to dig the new uniforms and goes into some tidbits about how everything is shaping up the Free Agent market.

Peter Schmuck's blog on the Sun is being manned this week by Jeff Zrebiec, and he says we should consider Aaron Heilman, talks about Burres' eye surgery, the bullpen, Markakis and free agency. Dan Connolly ponders if Mark Teixiera is worth $20 million per year for Baltimore; Pete Kerzel wonders what the O's will do in free agency.

Drew Forrester of WNST thinks that Peter Angelos finally deserves some credit ... but also takes him to task, Chris Oika wonders if the uniform changes were done to bring Baltimore back into the fold, or to reach to the entire state of Maryland; Bob Haynie likes it, but more needs to be done -- like upgrading the team & Bryan Powell wonders if the jersey changes will even matter?

I think it was much appreciated it was done; however, it's like a new car smell -- it goes away, and at some point reality hits. You're going to have repair it, fix it, etc. The Orioles have to do with plenty of that with their team.

Dempsey's Army has a rundown of what's going on in Oriole-land and Sixteen Gold Gloves goes over the off-season; Spencer Fordin has another mailbag on the site & also let's us know about prospects on the rise, and the Baltimore Sun has more than plenty about the O's on their website.

Hall of Famer and Oriole legend Cal Ripken is blogging for MASN Sports; They have a cool picture of with a banner Nick Markakis hanging off the side of the warehouse; & the Roch Kubtako has a post on Lou Montantez...


Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the link. Looks like the organization finally got one right with the fans.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Hope all is well, Matt. It looks like the Orioles are in the opening stages of trying to mend the fences with the fans.

For the all abuse the team has taken, they did well on Wednesday.

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