Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nats Fans Are Not Happy With MASN and the O's; Huff A Silver Slugger...

Well, although the new jerseys are a hit with most Oriole fans in one shape or another, down the Parkway, it's a different story.

Yes, some fans of the Nationals are none too pleased that MASN aired the Orioles rally and jersey unveiling, while the Nats -- who too had new uniforms unveiled -- didn't have any coverage on the network.

With all due respect to Nats fans, I think some of the anger is misguided. MASN is a Baltimore-centric station -- I'm in agreement there 100% percent -- however, I'd be more angry at the Washington organization for not doing more to promote, jazz up an event and get some of the players in town.

The Baltimore organization went all out for this one, and you can't give them enough credit. While I can understand Nationals fans frustrations, I don't think Washington's jersey event even matches the significance of what went on in Baltimore.

I was not at the ESPN Zone in DC, but the Baltimore Orioles put on an *event*, the media had umpteen stories on the jerseys, players were *actually* brought in (not just one guy),and it was promoted heavily -- alas, I'm not sure the Nationals put in a fraction of the same effort or had the media bandwagon on it.

The Orioles made their event important and there was a whole back story to it ("Baltimore" on the jerseys and building fan discontent). The Nationals, as much as we love them, more or less wanted to sell more merchandise and make a change, well to make a change (specifically branding).

I have not heard of the Nationals having a fan fest yet (there was not in '08) -- but if they do, MASN should cover it much like what they did with Orioles in the spring.



Oriole Aubrey Huff today won the Silver Slugger as a DH, and I'm sure he could not be any happier. After struggling in 2007, he came on fire in 2008 with a .304 average, 32 home runs, and 108 RBIs.

I've been tough on him for his statements made earlier in the year; however, the award is well deserved, and congratulations.


Finally, former Oriole manager and coach Sam Perlozzo has found found employment up the road -- in Philadelphia...

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I am so wise said...

What do you think about how the Padres treated Trevor Hoffman? Firing by fax is harsh even in corporate America today. I think the Padres are going to recreate the 1993 fire sale when they cut their payroll to $11 million

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Re: Hoffman.

I think what happened to Hoffman is a relationship that got severed due to the pending divorce of owner John Moores.

Now, I think Trevor Hoffman has the right to be angry -- I would be as well -- however, I don't exactly feel sorry for him. Besides, I have found loyalty to be a one way street at times, anyway.

Sports is a cruel business at times, and the situation with Hoffman is evident of that.

Could the Padres have handled it differently? Yes -- but right now with people being laid off all over the country and the economy the way it is, He'll find a job somewhere else based on his skillset that will pay him handsomely.

A lot of people won't.

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