Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Free Agency Filings; Millar...

Over the past week, a few of the members of the '08 Orioles have filed for free agency...

From the Two Orioles filed for free agency on Thursday, taking advantage of the earliest possible moment to join the open market. Veterans Jay Payton and Kevin Millar both signaled their intentions to test their value around the league, and the Orioles will make a decision in the coming weeks or months as to whether they bid to retain their services.
and the next day...
Shortstop Alex Cintron filed for free agency on Friday, becoming the third Oriole to do so in the first two days of eligibility.
For the most part, these three were expected to file for free agency, and may not be back with the team -- perhaps the only exception being Millar -- however, for him to come back, he'd come back only as a late option.

Payton stepped in a reserve role in '08 with Luke Scott in the fold; however, I see him not returning to Baltimore, as I guess he'd want to play for a winner and never looked comfortable here, plus, he's on the wrong side of 30 and the team desperately needs to get younger.

Cintron was a decent bat; alas, he was completely useless in the field -- ok, he was just awful at times, and with the team needing shortstop help, he's as good as gone.

Millar could be back if the Orioles fail to find a first baseman on the market, or if Huff is not moved; however, I think his chances of returning to Baltimore are slim, just for the fact like with Cintron -- the team needs to get younger. Kevin was a decent glove at first, had a good batting eye, plus power; alas, he's probably at the end of the road as an everyday player as evidenced by his declining batting average over the years.

I expect him to be picked up by someone, but ardent fans will probably miss him for the energy, positivity and for just being a good teammate.

I sure will.

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