Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Art of Blackjack

The game of blackjack has been appreciated by players for centuries. is currently the 2nd most popular card game in the world, right after all sorts of poker. The essence of this popularity comes from the fact that a player has the luxury of playing a “beatable” game, consisting of skill and going head-to-head with only the dealer – not with other players.

A player using the right strategy and the right timing can basically achieve an edge over the house in the long run and turn the odds in his/her favor,a thing that can be done only be done once a player has a complete understanding of the game and a solid grasp of this game’s basic strategy.

Learning the rules is the simple part. The strategy being the difficulty in the process. The ground base is to create a hand closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over these 21 points. Each of these cards has a point value that is associated with it. Both player and dealer receive two cards in the opening play. If either reach 21, the game is over and the bet is either paid out or collected, accordingly.

This is where the strategy part comes into paying of or not. Knowledge means everything. By knowing what is the most likely scenario, an intelligent player will know whether to hit or stand during the game.

The terms of blackjack is something as important as the knowledge of the game’s rules. A hit= when the player demands more card. A stand= when a player keeps his current hand. A bust=when the player’s cards score has gone over 21 points and the game is lost. The two ways to lose in blackjack? Either you go over 21 points or you have a lower hand than the dealer.

As we said above-the learning process is the first step ,the second being the practice. With the rise of online casinos – such as casino players can practice for free and learn the game.

Without losing one cent of their own money. Once you have learned the tips and feel comfortable enough, the option is always existing of switching to real money play and feeling the thrill of betting on your skills.

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