Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Worst Coast

See what I did there?

Because the Orioles are the WORST on the WEST COAST! AH HAAAAAAAAAaaaaa. Yeah.

I think the Baltimore heat is beginning to melt my brain, the Orioles' lousy play over the long weekend certainly didn't help matters. The Orioles followed up their feel-good four game winning streak with an equally abysmal four-game losing streak. The Orioles were swept out of Oakland and dropped game four yesterday to the Seattle Mariners.

Doug, If I see one more attempt at sly crude humor about his name I am going to scream, Fister made the O's look silly yesterday pitching into the eighth inning and recording a season high nine strikeouts. It seemed as if he was ahead on every better and the Orioles were stymied for the fourth straight day. Jake Arrieta , trying to play stopper, had some rough luck in this game. He gave up two quick runs in the first but settled down for a strong second inning. In the third inning the wheels came off.

Ichiro led off with a sharp single that deflected off of Arrieta's shin. After a visit from the trainers and manager Showalter Arrieta tried to tough it out. he gave up a seeing-eye single to Ryan and walked Smaok to load the bases. After getting a fly out he walked the next to batters and obviously had lost it. Simon came on to finish out the inning and provide some solid relief but the damage was done. The Orioles were down 4-1 by the end of the third and that is all the Mariners would need.

There were a couple highlights though. Mark Reynolds seems to be figuring it out, finally. He hit a monstrous upper-deck shot in the third to cut the lead to 2-1 at the time. The Orioles bullpen did a great job pitching 5.2 innings of scoreless relief to at least keep the Orioles in it long enough to mount a rally in the eighth.But it was all for naught.

The Orioles now sit four games under the .500 mark to which they fought so hard to get back. With two games left on this west coast swing they simply need to find a way to win the next two games. Coming home two games under .500 will feel a lot better than four or six games under .500.

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