Saturday, May 28, 2011

The West Coast Swing

Nothing good ever happens on the West Coast.

The Orioles first west coast swing, at least two series in the pacific time zone, started last night in Oakland. Oakland is an infuriating team simply because they really should not give us as much trouble as they do. Shocking, the Orioles have not had a winning record against the Athletics since 1998! I have no idea what it is about the west coast swing but that first trip out there usually spells doom for the Birds. In each of the last 10 years the Orioles have left the east coast with one record, played at least six games in California or Seattle and left with a worse record. Often times the Orioles were right around 500 and the west coast swing horror show would sink the team for what seemed like the rest of the season.

Last night the Orioles got off to their scripted west coast start against those pesky pesky A's. The Oakland Athletics, keepers of the secrets of money ball and apparently a magical well from which pitchers of no less than above league average spring from. Last night the Orioles took on one such pitcher Gio Gonzalez. Gonzlaez is off to a solid start this year though last night he looked a bit shaky walking five orioles in five innings and hitting Vlad Guerrero but he also struck out seven.

The Orioles certainly had their opportunities during Gonzalez' start but they were unable to to get that key hit they had been finding this past week. Guerrero, Hardy, Fox and Reynolds all hit into double plays and the Orioles would go 0-7 with runners in scoring position. The two runs the Orioles did score in the 6-2 loss came on a bases loaded walk to Mark Reynolds and an unearned run that came when Gonzalez fell trying to cover first on an Adam Jones grounder that would have easily been another double play.

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