Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Was All Kinds of Ugly for the Orioles.

If you thought what happened on Thursday night when the Orioles played the New York Yankees, Friday's game against the Nationals was even worse.against the Nationals was even worse.

I don't know how to quite articulate what I saw on Friday, but I will try -- very quickly.

In one of the worst losses I've seen at Camden Yards in a very long timeCamden Yards in a very long time, the Baltimore Orioles got manhandled by the Washington Nationals, 17-5.the Washington Nationals, 17-5.

You all know what happened. It was just incredibly frustratingjust incredibly frustrating as a fan to watch. watch.

Not to disparage the Nationals; however, you would expect this kind of thrashing from the Yankees or Red Sox -- not a team that is pretty much at the bottom of every offensive stat in the sport of baseball.every offensive stat in the sport of baseball.

The Nationals broke a franchise record for the most runs scored in a ball game since they moved from Montreal. In addition, they scored *more* runs on Friday than they had done in nearly a week. Crazy.

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