Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Thoughts About Today & Britton

It’s way too soon to christen Zach Britton an ace of a pitching staff; however, based on his starts for the Orioles so far, Britton has been very impressive.

The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Chicago White Sox, 6-4, thanks to Britton’s golden arm and the offense coming together again for another day.

It seemed that Britton anytime he needed to used an assortment of pitches to get anyone out. He used a combination of a cutter, fastball and curveball. I don’t think he had his best stuff out there, but got the job done. Britton developed a callus on his hand and left the game after six innings.

On the day, he allowed one run on five hits, struck out one and had three walks. His only real mistake of the day came in the fifth inning as Brett Lillibridge homered to left center.

Both Luke Scott and Mark Reynolds homered; meanwhile, Nick Markakis – who has been struggling big-time – came through with a three run double in an inning where the Orioles plated five runs.

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